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Maria JJ Design


Mari JJ Design is a design brand started in 2010 in Stockholm Sweden. It hides artist and designer Maria Joanna Juchnowska  who is merging art, design and craft together and creates exciting porcelain jewelry and modern ceramics.

Expressing myself through art, design and craft is a crucial thing in my life, I wanted to share my creations with people and show them my vision of my aesthetics. If they  relate to it and want to own it makes me happy and stimulates my creativity even more.

A fun fact is how people react to my works. Once customer run to me at one of Christmas design markets in Oslo and said: "I am buying Your design for my friend who doesn't know anything else than Ikea. I will surprise her, she will love it."

Oslo-tipset: Just sitting now in Mela Cafe at Mariboes gate in Oslo and eating great cheese cake. I guess it is my new favourite spot to relax, work and write. If you are in western Oslo, Bogstad Gård is beautiful place to go. I go there for walks all year long.